Avi Rosen, New Media Artist
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avi rosen 

2010- Ph.D. Faculty of the Arts, the Art History department, Tel Aviv University.

Thesis subject: "Time - space compression in cyberspace art".

1999 M.Sc. Industrial Design, Technion I.I.T. Thesis subject: 'Art Internet Interaction'. (Full txt).

1984 B.F.A. "Bezalel" Art Academy, Jerusalem. Computer art projects.

1976 Practical Engineer in Electronics at the "Junior Technical Collage", Haifa.

1987- Working at the Signal Processing Lab. Department of Electrical Engineering Haifa Technion I.I.T.

1997- Lecturer, "New Media Art" at Art Department of Haifa University, Art Institute of 'Oranim' the 'Kibutzim' Seminary, Tivon.

1991-1996 - Lecturer, Basic design. The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion I.I.T.


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Arcadia on TV:
Channel 1. 'Matzav HaRuach' the Arts magazine, Dec. 23, 1990. ( a frame from a3.8 MB .wmv file 3:15 Hebrew).
Channel 2. 'Avi Rosen - ARCADIA', Jan. 1991. ( 5.9 MB .wmv file 5:04 Hebrew).
Channel 1. Dec. 1990. ( 2.3 MB .wmv file 1:57 Arabic).
Arcadia on Radio:
Galatz- Interview by Kobi Meidan. Dec, 9 1990. ( 3.3 MB .mp3 file 3:28 Hebrew).